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What Industries Are Water Air Valves Used in?

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10:44 AM

Apart from a few exceptions, such as refrigeration and aircrafts, water air valves are not industry-specific. They are used for various types of industries, including food and beverage, chemical processing, mining, gas transmission, power generation, and oil.

Some water air valves are highly dedicated to fluid power applications, including hydraulic, solenoid, cartridge, air logic valves, and poppet. On the other hand, some valves are for basic small-scale fluid system or pipeline applications, such as pinch, piston, gate, disc, globe, plug, diaphragm, ball valves, and butterfly. In addition, there are valves designed for automatic activation under special circumstances that include check valves and relief valves.

Moreover, some of the most common valves are grouped according to their functionality. For instance, blowdown control valves and boiler feed water valves, bleed valves, double block, faucet, valves, float valves, floor drain-check valves, and HVAC zone valves are some common groups. Conversely, some valves are so specific that they have been designed for only a few industrial uses; these include inverted vent check valves used on ships or in sewage systems and rotary solenoid valves used in excavators.

Pipeline valves are mainly used for throttling or blocking. For on-off applications, a ball valve is much better suited than it is for regulating flow. This is applicable to pistol and gate valves as well. If you want to regulate the flow, you ought to use butterfly and globe valves instead; globe valves are especially common in that area. Ball valves are designed to control the amount of friction that is lost. Other valves typically introduce some loss in the valves due to the placement of components, actuating shafts, and other parts.

Water air valves can be found just about anywhere today. You can find them in your home, office, commercial buildings, etc. The valve industry is very broad and has many segments, including water distribution, nuclear plants, and much more. Each industry uses the basic types of valves, but the materials used and construction type are very different.

Here are some of the most common industrial types:

Waste Water

Water air valves are commonly used in waste water industries where they collect and direct waste water to a sewage treatment plant. These plants consist of several low-pressure piping valves, including check and iron-gate valves.

Power Industry

Gate valves are the primary choice for most power plants. However, globe valves and ball valves are also used for critical service in power applications.

Oil and Gas Production

These industries are highly dependent on valves and require heavy-duty valves. The valves used in these industries are designed to withstand extremely high pressures and modest temperatures.

Offshore Industry

The piping systems for offshore production facilities and oil rigs contain a wide range of valves that are built to handle the flow control challenges. These facilities also contain various systems for pressure relief devices.

Although most water air valves might be hidden from view, their presence is usually always evident. Without proper valves, the pipelines installed in various commercial buildings and in our homes would simply collapse.