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The unique range of Ventomat air valves have been sold in Australia since 1997 and installed by major authorities and councils in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Northern Territory, Hobart and most areas in between.

Welcome to Ventomat Australia

We are the home of high quality, durable and high-performance air valve systems in the Asia Pacific region. If you’re after original, proven air valves and
air release valves sourced locally in Sydney, Ventomat can help you with a range of pipeline solutions to ensure your project is a success. The air valves we have for sale are suitable for diverse jobs including water, sewage, slurry, tailings, wastewater and effluent pipeline tasks. If you want to buy the best air valves and air release valves available in Australia, please click here for more detailed product information on our website.

Buy Your Anti-Shock Air Valves Here

Are you in the market for reliable anti shock air valves in Sydney? Avoid extreme pressure spikes with our range of high quality anti valve products.  Made from high performance cast iron and stainless steel components, our anti-shock air valves are suitable for all residential, commercial and industrial projects. 

As a leading manufacturer of well-known valve brands, we pride ourselves on being a premium solutions provider for a variety of different industry sectors Australia wide. 


At the Cutting-Edge of Air Valve Design Technology

Intensive research, innovative design, and an understanding of water market needs produced the industry-leading Vent-O-Mat line of air release valves. For the first time, an effective and efficient air valve exists that, in addition to its air valve functions, successfully assists in the elimination of surge and water hammer as a standard and automatic function.


Sewer Air Valves in Sydney

It’s important to avoid fat build up in your wastewater system and prevent solid particles from clogging up the valves. Our sewer air valves are designed to handle a range of wastewater particles to enable maximum valve operation at all times. Whether you’re after an air release valve or any other pressure relief valve, you can buy top Ventomat sewer air valves to suit your diverse wastewater project requirements.


What are water air valves?

Water air valves often come with an internal float system that helps release stagnant air and wastewater gases and for filling the pipeline. This mechanism stabilises air pressure and prevents the pipelines from bursting and collapsing – which can be an extreme health and safety hazard. To avoid this from happening, it’s best to buy the correct valve for your needs and have it installed by a professional.

Where can I buy quality water air valves & non-slam valves in Sydney?

Ventomat manufactures multiple anti-shock water air valves and non-slam air valves designed to handle a range of project sizes, specifications and preferences. To ensure you get the best solution for your needs, please get in touch with our experts today to discuss your requirements.   


For more information on our huge range of air valves in Sydney, please call Ventomat Australia on (02) 8814 9699 or email: sales@ventomat.com.au to discuss your business needs.