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This Is What Happens Without the Right Sewer Air Valves, Gross!

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10:59 AM

Sewer air valves are specifically designed to release the pressure of build-up air inside a piping system while operating, filling, or draining the system. Air valves prevent vacuum conditions and air pockets that can cause rapid corrosion of the pipe, loss of efficiency, and system surges. A float rises through the resistance of the water as it enters the valve and closes the opening so that the sewage water is not expelled. Without the right air valves, the entire sewage system can collapse.

What Happens When You Don’t Have the Right Sewer Air Valves?

Without proper wastewater air valves, all of the corrosive fluids, gases, greases, debris, and solids can easily enter into the pipelines and come out into the pumps as well as various locations throughout the piping system where hydraulic jumps, turbulence, and other compression variations occur. Once the air and wastewater gases are out, they will not dissolve and start accumulating in the form of small pockets at high points throughout the piping system.  

A sewage or air pocket of gases can substantially reduce the flow of liquid in the piping system by lowering the cross-sectional area for flowing. If the amount of sewer or air gases is high, the water may completely stop flowing, causing the piping system to fail. 

Pockets of sewer and air gases are difficult to detect inside a liquid piping system. This build-up can reduce the efficiency of the overall piping system. These pockets can also contribute to pipe corrosion (hydrogen sulphide corrosion), pipe breaks, water hammer problems, and system noise. It can also cause irregular operation of equipment, meters, and control valves.

In addition, small pockets of sewer and air gases throughout the liquid piping system can result in intense surges and transients, such as down surges. However, small pockets of these gases can temporarily help prevent vacuum conditions that can result in the deformation or collapse of a thin pipe.

Why Do Air Valves Fail to Function?

Sewer and air gases emit from the solution into the piping system because of the low-pressure areas created by partially open-air valves. Hence, the flow cascades in a partially filled pipe and causes variations in the speed due to changes in pipe elevation or diameter. The trapped air inside the piping system may be detrimental to the entire structure and can cause substantial damage.

When air accumulates within the piping system, the efficiency is automatically reduced and compromised. This can cause serious system damage and health issues. However, with the right air valves, all of these issues can be avoided, and the flow of water will not be hampered.

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