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How Are Air Valves Used In An Industrial Environment?

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13:07 PM

Almost industrial processes involve the collection of air from the incoming liquids, connections, and pumps. Without adequate removal of air and waste gases from the liquid piping system cannot function safely and efficiently, and that's when air valves come into play.

Air valves are mechanical devices designed to release air and other waste gases from the liquid piping systems that ensure safe and efficient industrial operations. This post looks at how air valves are used in an industrial environment.

Air Release Valves

Air release valves are one of the most widely used types of air valves. The three distinct features that distinguish this type of valves

  • the small size of orifices,
  • Weighted floats and
  • Strength leverage mechanism.

These three features allow air release valves to fully expel air or other waste gas at full operating pressure. A key component of air release valves is they have small orifices (usually with a diameter ranging between 1/6th of an inch to one inch). As a result, they are not very practical for draining air and waste gases alone. Therefore, for more effective drainage, they are often used along with other types of air valves, which we look at in the next section.   

Air Vacuum Valves

Because air-release valves are often not enough for the adequate discharge of air and other waste gases, several industries rely on the use of air/vacuum valves along with air-release valves. The orifice of air/vacuum valves can range anywhere between half an inch to 20 inches, allowing the expulsion of large volumes of air from the piping system. As a result, air/vacuum valves' use prevents a vacuum condition within the pipeline and ensures efficient industrial operations.

Combination Air Valves

As the name indicates, a combination air valve is a combination of air release and air vacuum valves and can function as both depending upon the need. Combination air valves are available in single-body and dual-body designs. While they are available in two design options, they are better suited for specific industries, yet they perform a very similar function. 

Efficient discharge of air and other waste gases is critical for the efficient functioning of all industrial processes that involve the flow of material in a piping system. If you are looking for highly functional valves that enhance your industry's process efficiency, connect with Ventomat Australia. We offer a variety of air valves that are supplied throughout Australia, Pacific Islands, the SE Asian, and Middle Eastern countries and are used in several industries. With an expanding customer base, we are striving to serve local and international customers with top-quality products. To find out more about our product range, get in touch now.