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What Are Knife Gate Valves and When Would You Use Them

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15:00 PM

Are you wondering what exactly are knife gate valves used for and how are they different from a regular gate valve? Well, don’t worry; we have got you covered! In this blog, we will discuss what a knife gate valve is and when it can be used.

What Are Knife Gate Valves?

A knife gate valve is designed to process thick media, such as pulp and paper, slurry and mining, water treatment, power generation, and much more. It uses a sharp blade to cut through the clogging of heavy liquids and comes with a sharpened edge. Knife gates are beneficial for handling corrosive and abrasive materials. Plus, they are easy to actuate, lightweight, and very affordable. They are specially designed to work in harsh environments, which is why they have a very sharp blade.

Moreover, knife gate valves are typically helpful in applications where the chances of corrosion are very high. The blade is made up of acid-proof stainless steel, which protects it from damage caused by corrosion and tough environments. As a result, these valves don’t require much in the way of replacement, servicing, or maintenance.

The use of knife gate valves has greatly increased over the years. They are found in many processing plants and are available in a wide range of sizes for better handling of the thick flow of water, oil, grease, slurry, paper pulp, varnish, etc.

When Should Knife Gate Valves Be Used?

Knife gate valves should not be used to regulate flow unless they are specifically designed for it. They should only be used for applications that require fully open or closed positions. This is because if water is forced to flow through a partially open or closed gate, it will create a lot of vibrations, which will lead to the erosion of the disk and seat.

Moreover, knife gate valves should only be used to slowly open or close the safeguard against the impact of water.

Difference between Knife Gate Valves and Gate Valves

One of the major differences between knife gate valves and gate valves is that a knife gate valve has a sharper disc for better and finer cuts. Conversely, a gate valve has a shorter length but is much wider in terms of dimension.

Plus, a knife gate valve is much lighter in weight compared to a gate valve. Gate valves are typically used in drinking water pumps and distribution networks, whereas knife gate valves are used for treatment, cement, or chemical plants.

If you require more information regarding knife gate valves or other types of products and services we offer, please visit our website or get in touch with us so that we can help you out.