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Disasters of Air Valves Not Being Installed Properly

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13:58 PM

The proper installation of air valves is necessary to prevent disasters that can cause a lot of damage. One of the biggest issues we can face is air being trapped in valves, which causes unwanted effects on the piping system. This usually happens when air valves are not installed properly. This blog will explain some of the disasters of air valves not being installed properly.

Safety Hazards

Trapped air within the air valves can pose a threat to the safety of anyone in the vicinity. For instance, if a maintenance technician is working on the air valve, the air valve can get jammed and can pinch or trap the technician, which can result in a serious injury.

Noise Pollution

If the air valve catches a lot of air and it gets trapped, it can result in a loud, consistent noise. Thus, the technician or the person fixing the valves will have to use mufflers to cover their ears. The air valve will then have to be filtered to release the trapped air.


The failure of a functioning air valve can result in serious injuries, including eye injuries. Thus, proper installation methods should be taken into account while deciding to work on air valves.

Air Pressure

Sometimes if the air valve is not installed properly, the air can escape and cause the pressure valve to break. If there is liquid flowing through any of the pipelines, it can damage it, thus causing a leak in the line.

Extra Cost

Damaged air valves result in more maintenance requirements, which increases the cost of maintenance. If you don’t have high quality air valves, you will have to spend more on maintenance and fixtures than on the air valve itself. Therefore, it is essential to install high quality air valves to spare yourself the excessive costs later on.

Flow Control

To reduce the risk of damage, flow controls should be installed along with the valves so that the pressure can be controlled. However, this should only be done by a professional and you should always consult an expert before choosing the valve and the flow controls.

There are many factors to consider when installing an air valve. Sometimes the source of error is difficult to inspect and figure out. Therefore, you should always get your air valves installed by a professional. If you require any assistance regarding installation of air valves, please visit our website or contact us for further details. You can also read our blogs about air valves to learn more.