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High-Pressure Heavy Duty Air Valves Should Be Installed by a Professional

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10:03 AM

Air valves are an essential tool for regulating pressure in a pipeline. It seems like a connecting unit designed to release air, wastewater, and oil gases. Moreover, it allows the inflow of air into the piping system to prevent vacuum conditions.

A high-pressure heavy-duty air valve plays a critical role in several industries, including water and sewerage, mining and mineral processing, and oil and gas. In this post, let's look at why the installation of high pressure, heavy-duty air valves are best left to professionals. 

Installation of High-Pressure Air Valves Can Put People at Risk

A heavy-duty, high-pressure air valve is designed to handle a maximum working pressure of 500 PSI without damaging the valve or any other equipment. Dealing with plants and pipelines with such high pressure can be dangerous for an unskilled or inexperienced professional. Poor and inadequate installations can harm the people involved in the installation process and have severe consequences for the entire set up.

Improper Installation of Air Valves Can be Dangerous for the Plant

Improper installation of high-pressure air valves can be dangerous and can have devastating consequences. It will not only damage the valve but can also result in a catastrophe on the entire plant.

Think of a steam engine that is powered by water. The high pressure, heavy-duty air valve is installed for adequate and timely release of steam. If it's not installed by a professional properly and does not allow the proper discharge of steam and pressure, there is a good chance that the boiler may explode.

You can easily avoid such accidents at plants and mining or extraction sites when you go for a professional installation of high-pressure air valves.

Professionals Know Exactly Where and How the Valve Should be Installed

Air valves' location on the pipeline plays an essential role in ensuring that the air valves function correctly. They are usually installed at several places on the pipe, facilitating the release and inflow of air and other gases. Some of the common sites where air valves are usually installed include high points, where there is a change in the pipe's slope and height or adjacent to the pump. But the location needs to vary according to the type of liquid flowing in the pipes. Only a professional can identify the best and most appropriate location for installing the air valve, which allows an efficient inflow and release of air from the piping system.

Very often, high pressure, heavy-duty air valve manufacturers provide online assistance to identify the most appropriate location of the valve along the pipeline. They rely on software to determine the best location and ideal size of the air valve.

Final Words

Certain tasks are best left to professionals, and installation of high pressure, heavy-duty air valves is certainly one of them. To find out more about air valve sizing and manufacturing solutions, get in touch now.