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This is Why You Should Only Be Using the Best Quality in Water Air Valves

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13:00 PM

Choosing the correct air valve in the water as well as wastewater pumping system is an important factor. Air valves are hydro-mechanical objects designed to release air and wastewater gases. The main purpose of water air valves is to efficiently maintain the flow of water and allow the air as well as wastewater gases to be released. Another important function that is not known to many people is that the valves minimise energy consumption.

A valve should protect the pumping system and the pipeline from pressure caused by a sudden closure. It is difficult to decide which type of water air valve is best. Here are 3 reasons why you should use the best quality of water air valves.


Cost of valves

The cost of a water air valve plays an important role in the selection and quality criteria. The cost of these valves can vary widely and is dependent on the laying length of the pipeline. It also includes the installation and support costs. There is also a cost of maintenance, which depends on the number of moving parts in a valve. It is recommended to calculate the cost of maintenance prior to buying the water air valves.


Characteristics of Valves

The next important criterion is to check whether the characteristics of the water air valve match the dynamics of the pumping system and pipelines. If the two work in different ways, it will not only be difficult to install the valves, it will also cause hindrance in performance and might get damaged quickly. If you have a high-quality pumping system and you decide to purchase low-quality valves, it will cause problems.


Compatibility of Flow

The speed of the liquid flow may only be compatible to carry part of the pocket of air and wastewater gases. The speed of the liquid flowing prevents the piping system from filling with air or wastewater gas. This way, the efficiency of the system is not compromised, and problems such as water hammer, pipe breaks, and corrosion, and system noise can be avoided. You should choose water air valves that are compatible with the flow of liquid. High-quality valves are usually better in this regard.

There is no single water air valve that is best for all pumping systems. The quality is dependent on the design of the pumping system and its working dynamics. However, the factors mentioned above should definitely be taken into consideration while using the water air valve in order to benefit from the best quality and performance.